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SOS has nestled into the corner of 7th and Grand Ave. downtown Racine, WI. As a HUB-Zone entity we recognize that our greatest insights came from our initial customers and our scientific community, and, together, they’ve given us the feedback needed to widen and transform our mission of reducing infection rates in healthcare to improving the wellness of all occupants under any roof. Building this bridge from Hospitals to homes means challenging conventional wisdom on building design and maintenance practices while capitalizing on synergies in our built environment with technologies of tomorrow.  Businesses large & small leverage our facilities & environmental maintenance products & services to drive down maintenance costs, improve patient/employee health and safety, increase productivity, and provide a net environmental benefit. We take pride in finishing our work with a “Green Thumb,” so not only do our solutions deliver improved efficiencies with heightened environmental awareness, but do so with scale and economy that is practical for the day to day consumer as well as a large Health System or University. The average consumer can take advantage of our niche technologies for their family’s wellness and efficiencies in home maintenance through a variety of our products and services.

Square One Solutions works with leading networks, product manufacturers, and scientific advisers to provide the most advanced and affordable Clean-Tech solutions available today. We continue to expand our product portfolio to reflect the evolution of best practices and replace archaic products and processes. We aim to set new standards in: Healthcare, K-12 & University, Residential to Industrial. We believe our environment shapes us as much as we shape it, so our actions and engagement aim to inspire others to join us in becoming better stewards of the environments we impact. As we continue to grow, SOS will develop disruptive technology for healthcare and a healthy world.

During the day-to-day, our consultative approach utilizes process mapping to quantify the risk-gaps within your healthcare facilities, transportation systems, manufacturing processes, schools and businesses. Utilizing various measuring and monitoring tools, we characterize environments as unique profiles that give us actionable data to analyze. We pinpoint your exposure relative to your work-flow and implement the appropriate solution to close these risk-gaps, reduce waste and cost while improving functionality and productivity. Sometimes, less is more. We provide the technology and solutions that enable your organization to achieve more…by doing less!

Contact us for a friendly consultation to see how we can help you take a green step forward with solutions that save: time, money, energy and lives!