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Keeping Fitness Clubs and Athletic Facilities Healthy.

Health clubs and athletic facilities are the perfect environment for spreading germs. Working out and training on shared equipment allows germs to transfer easily between customers, staff or team members.

The Halo Disinfection System delivers an easy and affordable way to respond to a sudden outbreak and to ensure your facility is kept free of germs like MRSA and Staph everyday.

The Halo Disinfection System is simple to operationalize. Rooms are easily prepared for treatment using available accessories. After room preparation is complete, just four easy steps remain: fill the fogger with disinfectant, set recommended fog time, press the start button and leave the room. The HaloFogger is the optimum solution for effective no-touch, whole room surface disinfection for health clubs and athletic facilities.

HaloSpray All-Purpose Surface Disinfectant eliminates disease causing pathogens commonly found in athletic facilities such as MRSA, Staph, Influenza A, Rhinovirus, Pseudomonas and E. Coli, as well as fungi.

HaloSpray is EPA approved for use on hard, pre-cleaned, non-porous surfaces. Its healthcare-grade, ready-to-use formula is unscented and bleach free. The 5% hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant eliminates odor causing germs and fungi. HaloSpray is safe for use on all of your athletic equipment, including those with electronics.

Sanosil International's HaloFogger is a unique dispensing device that delivers an aerosolized and concentrated dry-mist of HaloSpray disinfectant to every exposed surface within an area. The dry-mist aerosol reaches into every nook, cranny and corner that disinfecting sprays & wipes can't, reducing the risk of cross-contamination associated with using a rag, wipe or sponge.


Talk to one of our experts today to learn how using the Halo Disinfection System from Sanosil International can reduce the risk of germs at your health club or athletic facility.


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