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Most people would agree that Seasonal flu shots make sense for protecting our bodies from illness…Now what about our buildings?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is generally 2-5x worse indoors than outside, and we spend 90% of out lifetime indoors! [EPA] This is one of many chronic health problems Square One Solutions has provided solutions for, reversing “Sick Building Syndrome” and offering a new gold standard for medical grade disinfection and infection control. Since 2014, we have worked with fire departments, hospitals, and health care facilities, and now, we wish to reach you in your business and your home. Backed by leading scientists in microbiology and an international network of manufacturers, our team has hand picked the most efficacious technology available for fighting germs, bacteria and viruses to all-but eliminate our environment as a source of cross contamination.

Our friendly certified professionals will work with you to curate a preventative or response strategy to your unique circumstances. The technology exists to prevent illness and eliminate disease causing pathogens. Square One Solutions strongly believes our community is best served by having equal access to these technologies. Our business model is structured so all organizations and home owners can obtain peace of mind through economical scheduling of our services and/or application of our products. We can set you up with tools and solutions that save you time, money, energy and sick-days! Get your FREE consultation!

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Suite of Solutions:

6-log – Hydrogen Peroxide Dry Fogging

The newest treatment method that has rapidly gained acceptance in many industries requiring the highest efficacy. Hydrogen Peroxide Dry Fogging is a cost-effective enhanced disinfection method that reaches into every nook and cranny of rooms, cupboards and vehicles that traditional cleaning methods miss.

4-log – Electrostatic Spraying

This is a versatile, cost-effective treatment method where disinfectants have the ability to uniformly coat surfaces including the underside, backside and crevasses of objects that traditional spraying methods miss. Electrostatic Spraying delivers enhanced disinfection with fast turnaround times to accommodate your busy schedule.

Extended Protective Coatings

Unfortunately, after decontaminating an area, microbial growth can immediately resume along with the return of harmful contaminates and reoccurring odors.

With our extended anti-microbial treatment, protection remains for up to 12 months from a wide range of harmful contaminates. Our protective coating, minimizes the ability for harmful microbes to grow and multiply.

Achieve proven results with Square One Solutions’ unique combination of EPA & FDA approved, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and non-hazardous disinfection & coating solutions.


ONLY 35% Sufaces cleaned

UP TO 100%

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I would recommend Square One Solutions to anyone who wants a clear, direct, and motivated business relationship. They are striving for excellence and it shows.
— Vinnie L. Facilities Director Racine, WI
I highly recommend your services and solutions to any healthcare or social-care facility conscious of infection control, food safety and indoor air quality.
— Jamie R. Resident Services Director Caledonia, WI
Square One Solutions knows their stuff, and they go about their business the right way. After a brief stay in the hospital I was at high risk of infection. I only had to make one call; Square One Solutions. The free gift was great too!
— Kevin P. Home Owner Wind Point, WI